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2 Reasons Why a Cheap Solar System is Cheap

2 Reasons Why a Cheap Solar System is Cheap

Customers often ask why there is a significant price difference when obtaining quotes from multiple solar businesses. To understand this, let’s examine the cost of a typical 6.6KW system with string inverters and reasonably good panels.

Direct Costs of a 6.6KW Solar System

When it comes to installing a 6.6KW system, there are four main direct costs:

Item Description Percentage of total direct cost
1 Solar panels 15 X 440W 37%
2 Inverter 5KW 13%
3 Balance of system Rail kit and electricals 10%
4 Installation Professional compliance 40%

Besides these direct costs, businesses incur other indirect costs to improve customer experience, such as providing professional customer support and honouring long-term warranties. These indirect costs are crucial for any operation planning to stay in business long-term. Unfortunately, many operators don’t factor these into their calculations, as they only intend to stay in business for a short time without offering extra support post-sale. Customers often realise this too late, facing disappointment when they require after-sales service for solar.

Hidden Costs Behind Cheap Solar Systems

Most online solar advertisements display low-price packages for top brands of panels and inverters. These businesses often hide behind big brands but offer little else. Customers must vet many fake five-star reviews, making the selection process harder.

The difference between high and low quotes isn’t that one business is making a larger profit; it’s that the other business is cutting costs at the expense of their customers. Here are the two main reasons a solar business can offer such cheap solar power systems:

  1. No After-Sales Service
  2. Poor Design and Installation

Purchasing quality equipment (solar panels and solar inverters) is recommended, but this alone cannot ensure a successful solar system. Proper design, installation, and connection with decent parts are essential. When considering the Solar Installation Costs, it’s important to balance quality and affordability to avoid unexpected issues down the line.

The Impact of Quality Installation

Here are the likely outcomes when installing the same-size solar systems from three different suppliers:

top brand equipment + quality installation(normally heights quote) good – likely excellent efficiency
quality equipment + quality installation(normally mid-range quote) good – similar efficiency to scenario 1
top brand equipment + poor installation(normally lowest quote) bad – likely poor efficiency and safety risks for people and properties

As seen, quality installation is more important than merely having top-brand equipment. Most cheap quotes fall into the third category, where businesses take shortcuts and have no intention of offering after-sales service once they have received their money. These businesses often fold and disappear once their liabilities increase or rebates dry up, leaving customers to rectify defects in their substandard solar systems and cover the costs themselves.

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Solar Quote for Your Home

  1. Valid Licences, Accreditations, Business Insurance, and Credible Affiliations Ensure the solar system will be attached to your property by professionals you can trust. Verify their credentials.
  2. Well-established and Reputable Businesses Look for companies with a long history and verifiable track records. Their experience and longevity are advantageous.
  3. Physical Place of Business Visit their showroom to gauge their infrastructure and capacity to provide after-sales service.
  4. Free In-Home Consultation Companies that offer site inspections and provide information upfront are more likely to support you post-sale.
  5. Reasonable Price A responsible business won’t be the cheapest, but it doesn’t have to be the most expensive either. Avoid the lowest quotes.
  6. Verifiable Online Reviews on Multiple Platforms Don’t be swayed by companies with thousands of fake reviews. Ask for a few references before signing up.
  7. Adequate Written Safety Compliance and Professional Communication Processes Ensure the company provides clear safety guidelines and maintains professional communication.

Remember, cheap solar system quotes may end up being the most expensive choices. While tempting, they often need to be dismissed to avoid future issues.

SolarBright is your trusted partner for high-quality solar solutions. We offer reliable, efficient, and affordable solar systems tailored to meet your needs. With our focus on superior solar panel quality and professional installations, you can ensure long-term satisfaction and performance. If you’re ready to invest in a solar system that delivers real value, contact SolarBright today. Let us help you save money, reduce your energy bills, and contribute to a sustainable future with our premium solar solutions.

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