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03 May
Solar Panels

When is the Best Time to Install Solar?

When is the Best Time to Install Solar?

Summer may seem like the obvious season to install solar panels for your home. And you wouldn’t be wrong in assuming that many households opt to wait for the warmer months to make the switch to solar (there is no wrong decision after all!) However, holding off until November or December can have drawbacks that may be avoided by choosing to install solar during a different season.

So, while it’s a fact that summer brings longer daylight hours and higher temperatures, there are a number of significant benefits to investing in solar before the sunny season hits. Here are some factors you may want to consider when deciding on the right time to install solar.

Start Taking Advantage of Sunlight Now

Despite common misconceptions, a solar power system will be beneficial to your household all year round, not just in summer. This is because solar panels don’t require heat to generate energy, only sunlight (or ultraviolet rays). In fact, extreme temperatures can actually work against the efficiency of your solar panels, meaning a sunny 25°C day may result in better energy production than a hot day in the middle of summer. This makes both Autumn and Spring suited for solar generation.

An additional benefit to installing solar outside of the hotter months is that your solar energy will not be drained by operating air conditioning systems when the need arises. These are a major contributor to energy consumption; less reliance on the power grid has a positive effect on your energy bill.

Less Demand = Quicker Turnaround

Summer is the peak season for solar power installations. As the heat rises, so do power bills. And as the need for air conditioning increases, so does the demand for solar energy. Therefore, by choosing to have solar installed prior to the summer period, solar providers are more likely to offer a faster turnaround time, from quote to installation.

You may also find that providers offer better deals on solar system installations during non-peak seasons due to lower customer demand.

Government Rebate Scheme Available Now

The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) is available to households and small businesses across Australia that install an eligible small-scale renewable energy system such as solar panels or solar water heaters.

This generous scheme offered by the Federal Government entitles you to a subsidy that can help with the purchase cost of your solar system.

Purchasing an eligible solar system allows for the creation of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs), which are calculated based on the expected power generation of your system over a 15-year period, or until the scheme ends in 2030.

You have the choice of assigning your STCs to your solar provider, who will exchange them for a dollar amount and deduct this from the cost of your installation, or you can sell the STCs yourself to receive the benefits.

As this current scheme has a limited lifespan, now is a great time to jump on board and make the switch to solar so you don’t miss out on the savings. The rebates are reduced by 7% on Jan 1 every year.

Be Ready When Summer Hits

To make the most of long summer days, you need to be prepared before the season arrives. Not only will solar providers have more availability during non-peak times, but you will be perfectly placed to take full advantage of the increase in sunlight hours when solar generation is at optimum levels.

With this in mind, consider installing solar in the colder months when demand is at its lowest. In doing so, you can save both time and money and start reaping the numerous benefits of solar immediately.

Install Solar Today with SolarBright

Solar systems from SolarBright can help reduce your energy bill every day of the year. Our high-quality range of solar products has been helping households harness the power of the Australian sun for over 15 years.

So, don’t wait until summer, contact the solar experts at SolarBright to arrange a free consultation and take advantage of solar energy today.

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