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Aura Mechanical Roof Ventilation

This electrically powered, mechanical roof fan is a great way to provide maximum air flow through the roof cavity and help extend the life of your roof.

This low horsepower fan model extracts the hot air form the roof cavity when turned on.

The unit also comes with an inbuilt thermostat to control the fans use during the cooler months, helping keep warm air in the cavity when needed.

It is designed for soundless air flow for quiet operation.

Aura Mechanical Roof Ventilation

Aura Roof Ventilation


  • Removes heat built up within the roof
  • Help reduce air conditioning running costs
  • Prevents mould in winter by reducing moisture build up in the roof cavity
  • Powerful but silent commercial grade 16 watt fan motor, cabled to 3 pin power plug socket
  • Air extraction capacity of up to 250 litres per second
  • Very low running costs, requires little electricity to run.