Solar Pay Back Time

Why Install Solar Panels Or A Solar System?

Does solar pay for itself? The short answer is YES!

An investment in a solar panel installation or a solar system battery is one of the few purchases you make that will pay for itself and save you money for years to come. A solar system can add value to your home, is great for the environment and even better for your bank balance.

How much will solar save you?

A typical 6.63kW solar panel installation in Sydney or regional NSW based on Max Power Solar panels installed by SolarBright can:

  • Produce an estimated 9,400kW/h of renewable energy each year based on Clean Energy Council Zone 2 guidelines of 3.9kWh produced on average per day for each 1kW of system size
  • Pay for itself in under 2 years*
  • Save you over $15,000 n 10 years*
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by over 10 tonnes per year!


Why Install Solar?

More Benefits of Installing Solar

The other benefits of installing solar panels include:

  • Solar panels can nearly eliminate or make huge cuts to your electricity bill
  • Being able to run your air conditioning on hot or heat wave days makes summer more comfortable without worrying about the cost during the heat of the day
  • A solar system adds value to your home and can increase its resale value
  • Solar panels will future proof and protect your family or business from rising energy costs
  • The return on investment for a solar system is astounding. What else can you purchase that will pay for itself and keep making you money for years to come?
  • For businesses a commercial solar panel installation will pay for itself and in many cases if financed over 5 years in most instances the savings cover the repayments.


Providing you choose a reputable solar installation company like SolarBright that is a CEC Approved Solar Retailer, supplies top quality solar equipment and does high quality solar installations, your solar system should give you years of trouble-free solar power generation.

Estimating Your Savings

As a professional solar installation company, for each solar installation we design, SolarBright uses a satellite-based solar mapping software to map the solar panels accurately on your roof. The software accounts for the solar irradiance at your location, the panel model, direction and tilt.

This produces a report estimating the solar power and savings that your system will generate on your roof and the average daily output per month.

SolarBright can then estimate your solar system payback time (solar return on investment) considering how much of the solar power generated you will consume and your power costs and feed in tariff.

Contact us today for an obligation free solar quote and proposal with your payback time.

* These numbers assume you consume 65% of the solar power generated, your power cost is 34c/kWh and feed the balance back to the grid with a feed in tariff of 6c/kWh. Based on a purchase price of $4,388 for a 6.6kW system.

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