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The Price Of Everyday Products Is Rising – Save Money With These Powerful Solar Products

The Price Of Everyday Products Is Rising – Save Money With These Powerful Solar Products

Many Australians are feeling the pinch right now, with everything from lettuce to petrol costing more each day. Coupled with interest rate rises and low wage growth, the average Aussie needs to find other ways to save money. When you think about it, reducing unnecessary costs is almost the same as giving yourself a pay rise.

There are so many ways to save money around the home. Some will have a small impact while others will be quite dramatic. So, it’s really your choice on how much you’d like to save. Every little bit adds up, and there are several money-saving ideas that won’t cramp your lifestyle.


One of the best places to start is with your power bill. Electricity and gas prices are skyrocketing right now, meaning cutting energy usage has never been more important. Rather than spending your time shopping around for better gas and electricity deals, these options can help now and in the future.

Solar Installations

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about solar energy, now might be the time to pick a side. It seems crazy that we pay so much for electricity when the sun provides us with more than enough free energy to power our homes. Installing rooftop solar is a great way to slash your energy bills. A basic on-grid solar power system can power your home all day, and you only need to pay for power at night.

Alternatively, you could invest a little more and get an off-grid solar solution with battery storage. This means all of the excess power your solar panels generate during the day can be stored and used at night. You’ll practically never have a power bill again.

Of course, the cost of installing solar can be prohibitive to some, so talk to your local solar retailer today. They can let you know how much you’ll save, and they can even give you information about government rebates and schemes to make solar panel installation cheaper.

Solar LED Skylights

If you’re not ready to make the full leap to solar power yet, that’s ok. There are other solar products you can take advantage of without committing to a full system installation. One of those options is an LED skylight.

Traditional skylights give you natural light in the home during the day, but they aren’t much use at night. A solar LED skylight with a small storage battery, however, gives you free light whenever you need it. It consists of a diffuser kit with LED lights installed on your ceiling, a solar panel and battery on the roof, and a cable connecting the two. Skylights installation is an easy and economical way to cut down your electricity costs.

Solar Hot Water

The other solar option you have is likely to make an even bigger impact than your skylights. Hot water is one of the biggest electricity costs we have in modern residential homes. So, what if you could heat all of your water for free rather than using gas or electricity?

Solar hot water tanks, as the name suggests, are heated by solar energy. Solar hot water heaters can be placed on the roof or on the ground, and are installed alongside a solar panel that delivers all the energy you need. Why pay exorbitant gas and electricity prices when you can get all the hot water you need thanks to the sun?

Solar Roof Ventilation

We often forget about ventilation in the energy-saving discussion. However, proper ventilation is crucial to keeping your costs down. Heat can get trapped in your roof cavity without proper ventilation, and this ultimately causes mould and moisture problems. It also means the heat finds a way into your home and air conditioners need to work harder.

Consider installing proper roof cavity ventilation such as a solar roof ventilator. A solar-powered roof ventilation fan like the MaxBreeze uses a small solar panel to drive a brushless, quiet DC electric motor and fan. The fan is thermostat controlled so the unit will start operating when the roof cavity reaches about 30°C.

It will help keep your home cool in summer without cranking the AC all day. And in winter on a cold, windy day it will not operate, keeping warmer air in your cavity, unlike a whirlybird.

Contact SolarBright Today

SolarBright can save you money in more ways than one. From LED skylights and solar-powered roof fans to solar and battery installations in  Sydney, we’ve got your back. If you’d like to make the switch to solar energy and stop wasting money on energy bills, contact our team today. We’ve got solutions for every home, every family and every budget.

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