10kw solar battery price

Surging Electricity Prices

Homeowners Turn to Solar Batteries

As electricity prices surge in NSW more homeowners are looking at solar and batteries as a solution to protect themselves. Many customers are looking for information on the 10kW solar battery price.

The storage capacity of a solar battery is measured in in kilowatt hours (kWh), so the correct term for the battery is a 10kWh solar battery. However, many customers look up the informal term 10kW solar battery, and we will also use that term here.

More electricity price rises are flagged for the future, and a 10kWh solar battery paired with at least a 6.6kW sized solar system is currently a popular choice for our customers.

Besides protection from rising costs many solar batteries can be configured to also provide backup power and protection. In the in event of a blackout when the electricity grid has an outage, the battery will take over, providing emergency power for the house.


Current 10kW Solar Battery Price in NSW

The current 10kW solar battery price with a 6.6kW solar system is $12,888 in Sydney NSW as of October 2023. This is for the Sofar Solar Battery with 2 x 5.1kWh modules powered with a 6.6kW solar system. The payback time on this system can be under 4 years*. (See more information below).

The Sofar battery without solar is $1,001 per kWh.

The Tesla Powerwall with 13.5kWh of storage is around $1,150 per kWh.

Across the market the solar battery price without solar is between $900 to $1,200 per kWh of battery capacity and varies between makes and models.

NOTE: this pricing is based on the current market as in October 2023. These prices do not constitute an offer to sell at these prices once these offers have expired. The price quoted is for a standard install in the Sydney metro – regional pricing will be higher by about $500.

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Battery Sizing

Is a 10kW Solar Battery Right for Me?

When deciding if a 10kWh solar battery is the right size for your needs, there are several factors  you need to consider:

  • How much electricity in kWh does your household consume each day? This is on your electricity bill. Compare all four bills over the course of the year to see the seasonal changes in your power use.
  • Also try to estimate the electrical consumption at night. During the day solar system powers the house and any excess electricity produced by the by the panels fills the battery. This stored electricity powers the house at night.
  • According to the Australian Energy Regulator the average daily household electricity consumption in NSW is 15.5kWh per day. This averages to .645kWh per hour across 24 hours.
  • Also remember more energy is consumed in the early evening hours rising from 4pm peaking at 8 to 9pm.


With these factors in mind a 10kWh solar battery is adequate to meet the needs of an average household at night. If you need more capacity we offer several modular battery systems that allow us to design right sized battery for you.

Solar Sizing

What Size Solar System Is Needed to Fill a 10kW Solar Battery?

The solar system must produce enough electricity to power the house during the day and have enough excess production to fill the 10kWh battery.

According to the Clean Energy Council (CEC) a typical solar system in NSW over the course of the year will produce 3.9kWh of electricity per day for each 1kW of solar system size. This average considers rainy and cloudy days when production is lower.

This means a 6.6kW solar system will have an average daily production of 6.6 x 3.9 = 25.74kWh of electricity per day in NSW.

This will vary according to season. In summer with long days the system may produce up to 35kWh of electricity. During shorter winter days this may drop to 16kWh per day.

So, on average a 6.6kW solar system would easily cover up to 10kWh of power in daylight hour. It will also fill the 10kWh battery and still export 5kWh back to the grid. Bear in mind you will be lucky if you get paid six cents per kWh for this export!

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*Payback Time Calculations & Disclaimer

These payback figures are estimated based on the SolarBright $12,888 10.2kWh Sofar battery package with a standard 6.6kW solar system in NSW producing 9,438kWh per year, electricity cost $0.38/kWh, feed-in tariff $0.06/kWh, 95% self-consumption of power produced, and 5% exported.

The $12,888 package is a limited offer for a standard Sydney Metro installation that expires on 30 November 2023. For Regional NSW pricing please contact us.

This page does not constitute an offer to sell at this price after 30 November 2023.