MaxBreeze Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Gallery

With three models in the range, the MaxBreeze Solar Roof Ventilation Fans help reduce home cooling and heating costs.

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MaxBreeze Solar Roof Fan Gallery

The SolarBright MaxBreeze range of quiet, solar powered roof ventilation fans are the latest technology in roof cavity ventilation. Think of the MaxBreeze as the “smart” version of the whirly-bird. With a thermostat control the MaxBreeze works hard on a warm, sunny day to ventilate your roof cavity and keep your home cool.

On a cold winters day the MaxBreeze will not operate unless the roof cavity reaches about 30 degrees, ensuring that warm air stays in the cavity to help warm your home and help reduce heating costs.

The MaxBreeze solar roof fans come in three models the MB20, MB40 and MB400 to provide solutions to suit most roof ventilation requirements.

These images have been taken by our installers and show you how these environmentally sensible roof fans look when installed in the real world.

MaxBreeze MB20 Solar Roof Fan

The MaxBreeze MB20 solar powered roof ventilation fan has a 20 watt solar panel and is perfect for ventilating smaller roof cavities.

MaxBreeze MB40 Solar Roof Fan

The MaxBreeze MB40 solar powered roof ventilation fan has a 40 watt solar panel and is perfect for ventilating larger roof cavities.

MaxBreeze MB400 Solar Roof Fan

The MaxBreeze MB40 solar powered roof ventilation fan has a 40 watt solar panel and is perfect for ventilating larger roof cavities.

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  • The whole process was simple and fast .Javier came to our house and showed us the design and explained the process . Once I said yes to them ,within a week installation process done. Very impressed! My concern was there are so many cheap installers but I first checked with LG company to get the their authorised dealer and SolarBright is one of them. That's enough for me to trust this company.


  • I would highly recommend Jordy and the team at SolarBright for all your solar needs. With being local to us and having great reviews online we felt very comfortable with choosing this company to install our panels. they have been amazing to deal with from the very start of the process all the way to months after helping us with dealing with the energy companies to make sure we where happy with our plan and where getting the best deal. We really appreciated the help, thanks Brett H

    Brian HarradinePort Macquarie

  • Jordy was brilliant from go to whoa. He really knows his products and didn't pressure us into the priciest option. We were always confident that he was putting our needs before his commission. The installation team was very professional and did a more than tidy job, and Jordy's excellent customer service did not evaporate as can so often be the case with less scrupulous operators. He came by post-installation to run us through the ins and outs of the system and its various user interface and explain ways to get the best possible deal out of energy providers. Thank you, Jordy!!

    Brent & Kate

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