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Aura Room Mechanical Ventilation

A mechanical ventilation system is another type of room ventilation system that can be installed to any room. It consists of a ceiling vent ducted out through a powerful 16 watt electric inline fan that ducts up to the flashing with a vent cap on top.

The fan has an electrical cord with a three pin plug. An electrician needs to provide a power socket in the roof space for it to plug into. The power socket is wired down to a wall switch to operate the fan.

Aura Room Mechanical Ventilation

Aura Room Ventilation


  • Removes heat built up within the room
  • Help reduce air conditioning running costs
  • Prevents mould in winter by reducing moisture build up in wet rooms
  • Powerful but silent commercial grade 16 watt fan motor, cabled to 3 pin power plug socket
  • Air extraction capacity of up to 250 litres per second
  • Very low running costs, requires little electricity to run.