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Enviroheat 250L Heat Pump

Model: 250EH1-15

The best way to understand how a heat pumps work is think of a fridge in reverse. The fridge removes heat from an enclosed box and expels it into the air. The heat pump takes heat from the air and transfers it to water in a tank to heat it.

The Enviroheat heat pump is one of the best performing systems in it's class with up to a huge 71% savings in energy compared to a conventional electric or gas water heater. In this system 1kW of electricity is need for 4kW of heat, the other other 3kW of heat comes from the air.

This system has undergone rigorous testing and has been certified by the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator and attracts a higher STC rating than most other brands of heat pumps in the Australian hot water market - meaning a greater rebate for the customer.

The Enviroheat 250 litre size will suit a family of 3-4 with 2 bathrooms.


Enviroheat 250 Heat Pump Hot Water Advantages

Eco Power

Takes advantage of the heat in the air to heat the hot water

Extremely Efficient

The Enviroheat 250EH uses only 1kW of electrical to make 4kW of heat. The other 3kWs are taken from heat in the air.

Return on Investment

The heat pump will pay itself back in less than 3 years - it is up tp 71% cheaper to run than tradition gas or electric water heaters,

In-built Protection

The heat pump is frost proof and has overheat protection. It can work in temperatures down to -7°C.

Backup Booster

The Enviroheat 250 has an electric boost feature for rapid heating if needed when you have extra people staying. You will never be without hot water.

Peace of Mind

A 5-year replacement warranty is offered on any mechanical or tank failure.

Australian Owned and Operated

The Enviroheat heat pump comes from Envirosun, a family owned Australian business with over 25-years experience manufacturing and supplying hot water systems.

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