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Envirosun AS400 Split 400L Solar Hot Water System

Model: Model: AS400/40/O/E24/E20HA-DM

The Envirosun "Active Solar" AS are a split system solar hot water heater, also known as a pumped sysytem. In the AS system the solar hot water panels (collectors) are on the roof and he storage tank is at ground level (outside or inside) offering better visuals.

These split systems also offer flexibility and larger storage capacity. When the solar panel collectors add warm the water to the tank a small pump comes on to pump the cold water it is replacing up to the collector. When the tank is full the pump turns off.

The AS400 model has a 400 litre storage capacity. The storage tanks are Australian made with durable enamel lined mild steel and feature anode protection.

The system will suit a family of 4-6 people with 2 bathrooms.

Envirosun are a leading Australian solar hot water company with over 25-years experience manufacturing systems.

Envirosun AS400 Solar Hot Water System Advantages

Solar Powered

The active solar system collector panels on the roof use clean, free solar energy to heat the water.

Return on Investment

The AS hot water system is an environmentally friendly energy saver, and the break even time is less then 3 years. The system is suitable for government rebates under the STC program.

Visually Appealing

The AS split system only has the low profile solar collectors on the roof. The tank is mounted at ground level keeping the roof clear.

Bad Weather Backup

In bad weather you will never run out of hot water as the the AS315 has an electric backup booster to ensure plenty of hot water.

Australian Owned & Manufactured

Envirosun are a family owned Australian business and proudly manufacture the AS hot water systems in Australia using the best high quality local and imported components.

Peace of Mind

The AS hot water system is built to provide a long, trouble free service life and is backed with a 5-year warranty.

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