SolaX Battery Triple Power T-BAT-SYS-HV-S3.6

The modular SolaX Battery Triple Power T-BAT-SYS-HV-S3.6 is an affordable solar battery with blackout protection.

The solar battery is stackable in 3.6kWh battery modules offering flexible capacity expansion from 7.2kWh. A single battery unit can expand to 13 modules for 47.9 kWh total capacity.

Modules can be added to the battery after installation to allow increased capacity if required - conditions apply.

This high performance battery offers 50A continuous discharging and charging current. It features special SolaX developed heating technology for low temperature environments allowing the battery discharge in cold temperatures.

The Triple Power battery warranty is 10-years from SolaX with a design life of over 6000 cycles.

Modular Battery Capacity

The battery capacity is configured from 3.6kWh battery modules so we size the battery to suit your exact requirements. Extra modules can be added to battery within 12 months of deployment.

10-Year Warranty

The SolaX Triple Power battery is backed with a comprehensive 10-year warranty from SolaX with a design life of 6000 cycles.

Back Up Power

The SolaX battery provides energy security and can provide emergency backup power during a grid outage when paired with SolaX X1 and X3 Hybrid inverters.


Total/Usable capacity 10.8/9.8kWh
Max. charging/discharging current 50A
Depth of Discharge (DOD) 90%
Display SOC indicator, status indicator
Installation location Indoor / outdoor
Mounting method Floor stand
Operating ambient temperature range Charge: 0 to 53℃ / Discharge: -20 to 53℃
Degree of protection IP65
Cooling method Natural convection
Lifecycle 90% DOD (25℃) 6000 cycles
Warranty 10-years conditional warranty

This table lists the physical characteristic of the SolaX battery management system, battery module, base, and series box.




Series Box

Length (mm)





Width (mm)





Height (mm)





Weight (kg)





Triple Power Battery T-BAT-SYS-HV-S3.6

SolaX Battery Modular Architecture

This high performance modular SolaX battery offers flexible capacity options in 3.6kWk capacity blocks. The modules are plugged together with no external wiring. The battery consists of the following modules:

Battery Management System TBMS-MCS0800: This is the top module on the battery, referred to as the BMS. This electronic system controls controls the whole battery.

Battery Module TP-HS36: Theses are the rechargeable 3.6kWh power packs which receive, store and discharge the electrical load. These plug into each other to build the battery capacity in 3.6kWh blocks. Each has a depth of discharge (DoD) of  90% or 3.51kWh of usable load.

Base Module: This is the base of the battery and is on the floor.

A battery tower consists of the BMS, the battery modules and the battery base. To connect two battery towers together a Series Box is required.

Each battery tower sits in a compact footprint of 510mm wide by 365mm deep.

Energy Security

Back Up Power for Your Home

As storm events become stronger and more frequent, security of energy supply is becoming an increasing concern for many homeowners

In the event of grid blackout the Triple Power battery is able to provide emergency backup power for the home.

The battery works in conjunction with either the SolaX X1 (single phase) or X3 (three phase) hybrid inverter to provide backup functionality. When the inverter detects loss of grid voltage it automatically switches the battery to emergency power supply mode.

In order for this to occur the battery needs to have a minimum 25% state of charge (SOC).


Book a Free Battery Consultation.

Book a free in-home consultation with one of expert energy consultants. We can assess your energy usage and design a SolaX battery and solar system to perfectly suit your energy needs.

Battery Expansion

Adding Capacity After Installation

The modular nature of the SolaX Triple Power TP-HS3.6 battery allows for capacity expansion to occur after installation.

The capacity expansion must be undertaken within 1 year of battery installation.

To determine if you need further capacity monitor your electricity bills after the battery installation. If you are exporting at least 3.6kWh of electricity back to the grid each day you may consider expanding the battery capacity.

The expansion will require a SolarBright certified solar technician undertake the work  in accordance the specified battery expansion procedure from SolaX.