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Stiebel WWK 302 Heat Pump Hot Water

Model: WWK302

The Stiebel wwk302 is engineered by Germany's market leader in heat pump technology. They are designed specifically installation in Australian conditions.

The heat pumps are very efficient hot water heaters. They take heat from the air and transfer it to water in a tank to heat it.

Stiebel heat pumps use the energy in the air to create environmentally friendly hot water all year round.

They have an operating temperature range of -5 to +45°C with the active defrost function automatically maintaining operation in cold climates.

The compressor is encased ensuring quiet operation.

The heat pump tank incorporates a sacrificial anode to combat corrosion resulting in high reliability and a long service life.

The 302 litre tank can deliver 540L of 40°C of shower temperature water at a cold water temperature of 20°C.

Advantages of the Stiebel WWK 302 Heat Pump

Eco Power

The Stibel heat pump utilises the heat in the to make environmentally friendly hot water all year round.

Save on Power Usage

The heat pump is very efficient and can save up to 74% on hot water energy use.

Active Defrost

Active defrost function maintains operation in cold climates automatically and the pump can operate at temperatures down to -7°C.

Designed for Australian Conditions

Stiebel are the marketing leading Germen heat pump company and the WWK heat pump series is designed and engineered specifically for Australian conditions.

Ease of Installation

It is a single piece design for ease of installation and it can be transported horizontally.

Peace of Mind

For domestic use the cylinder and condenser are covered for 5-years, other components for 2 years. The T&P relief valve is covered for 1 year.

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