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Sungrow Inverters

Sungow is the global number one inverter company by shipments.

SolarBright installs Sungrow inverters across Sydney and NSW as a standard inverter with our solar power systems.

Sungrow inverters come with a 10-year warranty.

As one of NSW’s leading solar installation companies, SolarBright are one of only 3 solar installers in NSW appointed as a Sungrow Authorised Partner, reflecting our over 15 years of expertise in the solar industry and commitment to quality and customer service.

Sungrow Inverters

Single Phase

Sungrow SG5K-D 5kW Residential Inverter

The Sungrow SD5K-G inverter is a popular and proven inverter choice for many SolarBright customers.

The inverter features:

  • Higher yield with maximum efficiency 98.4 %
  • 12.5 A MPPT current, and compatible with  bifacial module
  • 11.5 kg compact design, plug and play installation
  • Easy local and online monitoring via App or Web
  • Quick Arc fault circuit interrupter
  • Built-in Type II DC&AC surge protection device
  • Built-in certified PV isolator



Sungrow Inverters

Why Sungrow?

Since establishment in 1997 Sungrow has grown to become the world’s largest inverter supplier in 2012 and 2022.

  • In 2022 their revenue grew to $5.98 billion and an increase of 127% from the previous year.
  • Sungrow has the largest PV inverter R&D Team in the world with 40% of the company’s workforce assigned to R&D (1,000 employees)
  • 25-year design life span with proven reliability
  • Light weight and small footprint
  • Only use components supplied by Tier 1 suppliers such as Toshiba, Samsung, etc.

Sungow have a very strong Australian presence with a local technical support office, warehouse, spare parts and workshop based in Sydney

Sungrow iSolarCloud

Sungrow Inverter Monitoring

Each Sungrow inverter is wireless enabled to allow remotes access and monitoring of your inverter via the comprehensive iSolarCloud platform.

The monitoring platform can be accessed by any web browser enabled device such as a smart phone, tablet or computer.

You can also download the iSolarCloud app for your Andriod or Apple smart phone.

The system is easy to access and use and gives you information on your PV system, showing daily power production, total production and tells you how much money you have saved.

If an issue arises with the inverter it can send you an alert to let you know so that it can be addressed immediately.


More Information?

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