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Energy Star Rating & NFRC Standards For Skylights

Several skylight brands advertise their products with the energy star logo attached, the certification and logo of energy star rating are from USA and is given to any product that can be proven to reduce energy usage.

The logo is used by many certified products and skylights is one of them, The Energy star logo is a registered trademark for USEPA and can only be used for the products that have been tested and certified to the NFRC standards.

Manufacturers that have their products tested to NFRC standards and have proven to have minimum performance requirement can then also apply to participate in the Energy Star scheme.

Consumers in USA can take advantage of the federal tax benefits when installing Energy Star qualified windows, doors, and skylights.

The usage of the energy star logo for skylights products was developed for USA climate and the qualification criteria are in the table below and can be found in the link underneath.



NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) is a US based organisation specialised in rating of fenestration products.

NFRC is a voluntary membership body, Manufactures can join NFRC membership to make their products visible to consumers in US.
Products tested to NFRC standards must be physically tested by an NFRC accredit laboratory like Intertek.

SolarBright Maxlight products have been physically tested to NFRC standards and its energy performance confirmed by Intertek. The U-factor & SHGC values of Maxlight skylights exceed qualification criteria set by energy star scheme, however Solarbright has not applied for the energy star program neither has listed its product with NFRC because SolarBright products are not sold in US market.

In our opinion an Energy Star Rating scheme developed for another specific country’s climate is not relevant to Australia’s market and associating its logo with skylight products outside that specific country is wrong, meaningless, and misleading.

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