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JA Solar LB Series 440W Panel

Powerful, Premium 440 Watt Panel
N-Type Cells, Double Glass, Bifacial

The black JA Solar JAM54D40 LB/1500V solar panel delivers all the features expected in a premium panel.

Superior N-Type cells, dual glass, bifacial technology and  25-year warranties set this JA Solar panel apart from standard panels

With a standard size footprint the panel is a smart choice when maximum power density is needed.

The  technology in the JA Solar 40W panel delivers superior performance with an exceptional efficiency of 22.0%. The N-Type cells deliver excellent performance in low light conditions, increasing the yield of the system over its lifetime.

JA Solar Advantages

JAM54D40 LB/1500 440 Watt Panel

Premium technology delivers increased performance and extra savings.

N-Type Cells

The premium N-Type cells result in lower Light Induced Degradation (LID) compared to standard P-Type cells in most panels. This means increased production over the life of the system and extra customer savings.

Double Glass Bifacial Technology

Double glass means increased strength for tough Aussie conditions. Many panels only have a plastic back sheet which can lead to early failure in cheaper panels. Bifacial technology means the cells produce from both sides for higher production and more savings.

Superior Power Density

The panel packs 440 Watt output from a standard panel size footprint. Power density is an important factor if you are charging an EV or will be in the future. It is also ideal for customers with tight roof space where you need the maximum yield from a smaller space.

High Efficiency

The incredible 20.0% efficiency means increased power production – resulting in increased savings over the life of the system for the customer.

Hail and Corrosion Resistance

This makes the panel a good choice for customers living in the harsh Australian coastal environment.

Backed With Long Warranties

For your peace of mind the panel is backed with a 25-yeat product warranty and 30-year performance warranty

Peace of Mind

Extensive Warranties

The JAM54D40 LB/1500 440 Watt panel has a long 25-year product warranty covering workmanship and materials for the panels for your peace of mind. Many other panels only have 15 years.

There is also an extensive 30-year linear performance warranty. The output of all solar panels decreases over time. After 30-years the JA Solar panel is warranted to still perform at an 87.4% of the original power rating. Most Other panels only have a 25-year performance warranty and will only be rated at around 80% output after 25 years.

The graph opposite shows the 30-year JA Solar panel performance warranty compared to standard panels with a 25-year performance warranty.

A system with this panel will produce more power every day over the life of the panels. This  results in increased savings day after day compared to other panels.


Visual Appearance Black cells and black frames
Product Warranty 25-year warranty
Performance Warranty 30-year linear performance warranty with over 87.4% output after 30-years
Cell Type 108 Mono N-type cells bifacial
Module Efficiency 22.0%
Front & Back Sheets 1.6mm Tempered Glass
Frame Anodised aluminium, black
Junction Box IP68 rated
Panel Dimensions LWH 1762 x 1134 x 30mm
Panel Weight 22kg

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