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REC Solar Panels Alpha Pure-R Series 410W

REC Alpha Pure R 410W Panels Model: REC410AA PURE-R

 The REC 410W solar panels combine great technology with strong warranties. REC are a well respected company and  have been active in solar panel manufacturing since 1996. They have a strong reputation for quality and innovation. 

REC are headquartered in Norway and the panels are produced in a top facility in Singapore.

The Alpha Pure-R 410 panels looks smart and features heterojunction technology. REC has increased the power density of the panels. The panels have a good balance between power, size, and weight.

The panels have a 25-year product warranty when installed by an REC Certified Installer.

REC Solar Panels Alpha Pure-R Series 410W

REC Pure Alpha 410W Panel Advantages

HJT Cell Technology

21.2% Efficiency

Increased Power Density


REC Pure Alpha Panel

Benefits of REC HJT

HeteroJunction Technology refers to a method of producing solar panels.

The HJT production process combines two different technologies into a single cell.

A crystalline silicon layer is put between two amorphous “thin-film” silicon layers to make the cell.

The benefits of HJT technology used in these REC Solar Panels are:

  • Increased efficiencies
  • Lower temperature coefficient
  • Increased power density per square metre
  • Increased cell life expectancy of over 30-years.

For REC customers this means more power production over the life of the system and also increased savings.


REC Pure Alpha 410W Warranty

The REC panels come with strong warranties:

  • 25-year product warranty* on panel defects and workmanship
  • 25-year performance warranty: ensures panels perform as needed – every year for 25 years
  • 25-year labor warranty*: gives added protection in case a panel needs to be serviced
  • After year 25 the panel will deliver at least 92% of the original power

* When installed by a REC Certified Solar Professional installer.

REC Alpha Pure-R 410W Solar Panel Quick Specs

  • Excellent visual appearance with the black cells and black frames
  • 25-Year product warranty
  • 25-Year performance warranty
  • Glass Front sheet, polymer backing sheet
  • HeteroJunction technology cells
  • 21.2% panel efficiency
  • Anodised aluminium frame
  • IP68 rated junction box
  • Dimensions LxWxH 1730 x 1118 x 30
  • Panel weight 21.5kg

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