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Sofar Solar PowerAll Battery

The Affordable Solar Battery

With Blackout Protection

The Sofar Solar PowerAll battery an affordable modular solution to help safeguard your family from surging electricity costs. This DC-coupled solar energy storage system combines the inverter and battery modules for a smart all-in-one package.

The battery offers flexible expansion and configuration options through the use of 5.1kWh battery "power pack" modules.

This integrated nature of the battery creates clean looking installations, free from snaking cables and extra boxes. Elegant styling and easy installation make it a smart choice for homeowners looking to add a solar battery.


Sofar Solar PowerAll Battery

Key Features

With flexible capacity configuration and expansion, blackout protection, 10-year warranty and comprehensive monitoring, the Sofar PowerAll battery is a great choice for home owners and small business.

Modular Expansion

The battery is modular consisting of an inverter unit and 5.1kWh battery power modules. The battery can expand in 5.1kWh modules to 30.5kWh.

Blackout Protection and Black Start

The battery can offer protection from blackouts. With black start capability if the battery is empty it can charge from the solar panels even when the grid is down.

10 -Year Warranty

Your Investment is protected with a comprehensive 10-Year warranty from Sofar covering the battery.

Protect Your Home

Sofar Solar PowerAll Built-in Black Start Capability

You gain power back up for blackout protection and increased energy security with the PowerAll. It is the first affordable solar battery in Australia to offer a built-in black start capability. What is black start? In an extended blackout the battery could be drained overnight. Black start means that in the morning when the sun comes up the battery can recharge itself from the solar panels on the roof.

The battery has the ability to continue to help power the home in the event of a lengthy grid outage. In a battery system without black start, once the battery has discharged it will not be able to to connect to solar system to recharge itself.

In case of power outage the Sofar PowerAll battery and inverter will supply  power output in under a 10ms switchover time. This can supply your critical loads for the home when the grid goes down.

Quicks Specs for the Sofar PowerAll 10.2kWH Battery from SolarBright

Please note: These specs are specific for the 10.2kWH battery package from SolarBright configured with the 5kW ESI 5K-S1 Inverter.

Quick Specs Table for SolarBright Configured 10.2kWH Battery Package

Maximum Capacity



Usable Capacity


Inverter in SolarBright 10.2kWh Package

5kW ESI 5K-S1


Maximum Efficiency



Dimensions W*H*D mm

708 x 170 x 1310mm


125.5kg for 10.2kWH configuration


LCD, App, and bluetooth

Installation Location


Mounting Method

Floor stand

Operating Ambient Temperature Range

Charge: 0 to 5

0 ℃ / Discharge: -30 to 50 ℃

Ingress Protection


Cooling Method

Natural convection

Expansion Adaptation

Maximum capacity up to 30.72kWH with 6kW inverter


10-years conditional warranty

Modular Design

PowerAll Flexible Capacity and Expansion

The modular nature of the Sofar PowerAll battery system offers flexible capacity expansion to suit a wide range of requirements. It also makes it easy to transport and install.

Each PowerAll battery module building-block has a capacity of of 5.12kWh. There is an inverter module that controls the battery modules. They integrate together to form the all-in-one battery system.

The largest 6kW inverter module can handle up to 6 battery modules.  This flexible battery system offers sizes from 5.12 to a maximum of 30.72kWh capacity (28.5kWh usable) to suit varying requirements.

The SolarBright PowerAll 10.2kWh battery package is specially configured with the the 5kW inverter module. It can expand to 25.6kWh in capacity ( 23.75 usable).

Sofar Solar

Quick Facts

Sofar are a Chinese head quartered manufacture of inverters, hybrid inverters and batteries.  Sofar have a strong local presence with 10 staff and a new 1300m² warehouse.


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