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SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverters

The SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverters with Prism Technology build upon the excellent capabilities of the SolarEdge HD-Wave Genesis Inverter. It is designed to meet every home smart energy need.

The Energy Hub inverter enables a total smart energy solution  with home automation and home power back-up. The inverter is used in conjunction with small electronic devices called power optimisers, which are attached to each panel. Together they overcome the limitations of traditional string inverters.

The Prism Technology is the software that allows this functionality of easily connecting a range of products to the Energy Hub inverter. The inverter is ready for the future as SolarEdge develops and releases a growing range of smart energy devices.

SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverters


Energy Hub Inverter Warranties

The Energy Hub comes with an enhanced 12-year warranty covering parts and labour. Many standard string inverters only have a 5+5-year warranty. The second five years just covers the inverter and it is up to the homeowner to cover the labour component of having the inverter replaced.

SolarEdge offer optional warranty upgrades covering parts and labour for the Energy Hub to 20 and 25-Years. SolarEdge cover the power optimisers with a 25-year warranty.

Inverter Efficiency Maximum inverter efficiency of 99.2%
Models Available 3kW, 4kW, 5kW, 6kW, 8.25kW and 10kW
Individual Panel Designed to work with the SolarEdge power optimisers to maximise the output
Safety Feature Enhanced safety feature including SafeDC to rapidly denergise the system, rapid shutdown and and arc fault detection and prevention
Battery Support SolarEdge Energy Bank Battery, LG RESU10H Prime and LG RESU16H Prime
Supports up to 3 SolarEdge Energy Bank Batteries or 2 LG RESU Prime batteries
Monitoring Comprehensive monitoring down to the panel level and control through the mySolarEdge app
Cooling Fanless cooling with <25 dBA
Operating Temperature -40 to +60°C so suited for Australian conditions
Rating Suitable for indoor or outdoor installations with an IP65 rating
Size mm 450H x 370W x 174D with safety switch
Noise Rating <25 dBA
Warranty 12-Year parts and labour warranty with upgrade to 20 or 25-years


Benefits HD-Wave Genesis Energy Hub
Full panel optimisation Yes Yes
Single string design – inverters up to 5kW Yes Yes
Advanced Safety features Yes Yes
12-year product warranty extendable to 20 or 25-years Yes Yes
Wi-Fi communication Yes Yes
Panel level monitoring Upgrade Yes
Smart Energy Capabilities
SolarEdge battery connection/td> Yes Yes
LG Gen 3 home battery connection/td> Yes
Home back-up support (via interface) Yes
Smart Home Support Yes
Smart EV charger support/td> Yes
In-built energy meter Yes

SolarEdge Smart Home

Monitor & Manage

The system monitoring platform and the mySolarEdge app provide full system monitoring of the Energy Hub inverter. The customer gets full visibility down to the individual solar panel. Customers can easily monitor energy production and consumption in real time and manage home automation.

  • Monitor power consumption so household usage can be shifted to match solar production times.
  • Maximise power bill savings by identifying unusual power consumption. This will control power usage from the grid and avoid power bill shock.
  • Manage and monitor solar battery power storage so you know when to expand home battery storage.
  • Manage Home Backup in the event of a power grid outage.
  • The wireless Smart Energy Switch and Smart Socket Energy Sockets can be used to control electrical loads for pool pumps, air-con, lighting or other electrical appliances.
  • The wireless Smart Controller can automatically send excess power produced by the solar system to the hot water system for highly cost effective hot water.
  • Monitor and control electric vehicle charging.

Watch the video to see more about the SolarEdge Smart Home

SolarEdge Energy Hub

Safety Advantages

The SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter offers enhanced safety features compared to standard string inverters.

SafeDC: This is in-built into every SolarEdge inverter and power optimiser. With traditional string inverters when the inverter is shut down the solar panels continue to produce high voltage DC power. This results in dangerous high voltage DC power still in the system. With SolarEdge if the inverter is turned off or in the event of a grid power outage the SafeDC feature automatically reduces the voltage from each panel to 1 Volt DC making panels to touch safe to touch providing extra protection.

Arc Fault Protection: Arcing can be a source of fire ignition and the Energy hub inverter can detect and guard against electric arc faults and shut down the inverter.

Rapid Shutdown: this allows fast discharge of power so the voltage in the system is reduced to touch safe levels in 39 seconds.

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