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Commercial Solar

Smart businesses and organisations realise that a commercial solar panel installation will pay for itself and is one of the best investments they can make.

The Australian climate with an abundance of sunny days is perfect for commercial solar installations, the solar panels make their energy during the day at the same time when most businesses consume their power.

With a successful track record of hundreds of commercial solar projects ranging in size from 20kW to 300kW SolarBright can analyse your current power usage and design and install a commercial solar system to suit your business power needs and budget. SolarBright commercial customers that have saved thousands of their power bills include the following business and organisations:

commercial solar

  • Agricultural businesses
  • Car Dealers
  • Child Care Centres
  • Churches
  • Commercial office space providers
  • Engineering shops
  • Joineries
  • Frozen food wholesalers
  • Manufacturers
  • Schools
  • Service Stations
  • Warehouse facilities



The bottom line is your business or organisation can afford solar if you can pay your power bills, and the savings off your power bill will pay for the system. If you finance the solar system in most cases the savings will cover the repayments and be cash flow positive.

Solar is the best business investment.

The main reasons to install commercial solar for business are:

  • Commercial solar pays for itself – the savings will pay for the system
  • To insulate the business from rising power costs
  • If financed in most cases the savings cover the payments and are cash flow positive.
  • If financed the financed the payments may be tax deductible
  • It is great for the environment and enhances your organisations green credentials.


SolarBright can analyse your current power usage, demonstrate the financial benefits, and design and install a commercial solar system to suit your business.


100kW Commercial Solar Project: Anthony from Dentro Joinery shares his experience of working with SolarBright and exploring the options to find the right solar system that matched the daily power needs of the business.

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