SMA have set the pace with solar inverters since 1981 and SolarBright are an SMA POWERUP partner.

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SMA Solar Inverters



Head quartered in Germany SMA have been setting the pace in solar technology trends Since 1981, helping accelerate the development and uptake of solar energy.

SolarBright is an authorised SMA POWERUP partner. Why is this important?

With thousands of solar installers in NSW it can be confusing choosing the right solar installer. SolarBright is one of only 15 SMA POWERUP partners in NSW and installs the comprehensive range of single phase and three-phase smart SMA solar inverters for residential and commercial solar systems.

SMA residential solar solutions combine services, tools and intelligent solar technology to produce green, solar energy at home to deliver significant cost savings.

Aside from the high performance from reliable and efficient SMA solar inverters, SMA offers the following tools and services for SMA inverter owners:

  • SMA SMART CONNECTED – for automatic inverter monitoring
  • SMA WARRANTY PROGRAM – upgrade from the standard 5 year warranty to 20 years
  • SUNNY DESIGN – System planning made easy
  • SUNNY PLACES – for easy monitoring of your system
  • By choosing an SMA POWERUP authorised partner like SolarBright your inverter warranty is upgraded to 5 + 5  year warranty.

Quick Specs

SMA Sunny Boy 3.0 to 6.0kW Solar Inverter Residential Range


SMA Sunny Boy single phase inverters in Australia come in capacities of 3.0 /3.6/ 4.0 / 5.0 / 6.0kW and are an ideal inverter for residential solar systems.

The inverter is the main component of SMA solar solutions converting the DC current produced by the solar panels into 240V AC current used in the home and compatible with the grid current.

The new range of SMA Sunny Boy single phase inverters deliver top performance and reliability to ensure maximum energy yields for your residential solar system.

The free SMA Smart Connected service is the free monitoring of the inverter via the SMA Sunny Portal. If there is an inverter fault, SMA proactively informs the solar system owner to ensure maximum system availability.

Single Phase SMA Sunny Boy inverters capacities 3.0 / 3.6 / 4.0 / 5.0 / 6.0kW Features and Quick specs:

  • Maximum efficiency of 97%
  • 600V Maximum input voltage
  • The SMA thermal based cooling design allows outstanding power yields even at high ambient temperaturesThere is no colling fan wNo fan cuts noise and enhances reliability.
  • Standard warranty of 5 years with optional upgrades 20 years
  • Built-in monitoring fault notification via the SMA Smart Connected monitoring app which manages the system, PV production and can be expanded to include solar battery storage and energy management
  • Communication connectivity through ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • IP65 rating so suitable for outdoor and indoor installations

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