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SolarBright supply and install high quality solar inverters from leading brands including Solar Edge, Fronius, SMA, and SolaX.

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Solar Inverters

solar inverters

SolarBright supply and install high quality solar inverters from leading brands including SolarEdge, SMA, Enphase, Fronius, Growatt, Goodwe, APsytems, and SolaX.

The inverter is the “brain” of your solar system and converts Direct Current (DC) electricity produced by your solar panels into 240 volt Alternating Current (AC) electricity used in your home. Any excess power produced and not consumed is directed by the inverter to charge a solar battery or to feed back to the grid for a feed in tariff.

Most inverters came with a standard 5 year warranty. For our standard residential solar system packages we offer the compact and smart Growatt MIN 5000TL-X 5,0kW inverter with a 5+5 year warranty and outstanding efficiency of 98.4% . Most inverters for residential solar systems are string inverters, and support 2 strings of solar panels.

Most inverters are weather proof to IP65 and are typically mounted an external wall near your meter box.

When designing a commercial solar system we choose an inverter that best suits your needs. For the commercial solar systems we design and install we recommend selected inverters and will design the system with several inverters in the system. This design means that if there is an issue with an inverter it will only affect the panels attached to that inverter and not the whole array of panels.


The inverter is an electrical device that is the “brain” of your solar system. The solar inverter performs two important functions:

  • Your solar panels produce Direct Current (DC) electricity. Your home uses 240 volt Alternating Current (AC) electricity. The main function of the inverter is to convert the DC electricity from the panels into AC electricity you can use in the home.
  • The inverter acts as a “traffic cop” and directs the AC electricity where needed. The priority is to supply the demand in the home, then direct excess power to charge a solar battery (if you have one) and once the battery is full, the inverter feeds excess power to the grid. If you don’t have a battery excess power not consumed in the home is fed into the grid so you get your feed in tariff.



SolarEdge offer more than just solar inverters. A SolarEdge inverter is teamed with SolarEdge power optimisers on each panel and comprehensive monitoring down to the individual panel level giving you the smartest solar energy solution available.

APsystems Microinverters

With the ability to attach multiple panels to a single APsystems microinverter, they are more cost effective and feature free, easy to use comprehensive monitoring.

Sungrow Inverters

Ultra reliable inverters from the No 2 global Inverter supplier with a 5+7-year warranty and easy to use remote monitoring.

SolaX Solar Inverters

Simplicity, efficiency and reliability combine to make SolaX inverters the perfect choice when you want price and performance. With an install base of over 200,000 inverters ,local technical support and a 10-year warranty SolaX inverters are SolarBright’s choice for our quality solar system packages.

Growatt Solar Inverters

Driven by quality and engineering Growatt are one of the top 3 single phase inverter suppliers globally and proven in the Australian market over 9 years.

Fronius Solar Inverters

Fronius are renowned for quality and innovative solar inverters and since 1995 have shipped 5GW of inverter capacity. With the Fronius Solar.Web portal offering comprehensive monitoring of the inverter and PV system output the Fronius Primo and Symo inverter ranges are ideal for home solar systems.


SMA boasts an extensive range of inverters that are suited to every possible application; whether you require a small residential system, or a large-scale solution for a solar power plant.


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  • Such a great company from the sales department (Javier Borello) up to the installation process team. I would highly recommend everyone who wants to install solar panels to go with SolarBright company. Thank you SolarBright.

    Lilian K

  • Excellent Product with Excellent Service! Solar Bright team provided excellent service where we only needed to sign off the contract and everything was done by them afterward. The installation was done within less than half a day and we just have to call up our energy provider for a smart meter installation to enjoy the solar energy with less $ in our bill!

    Leanne - Jan 2020

  • Awesome installation service! All dealings with this company were friendly and helpful. The installers were very thoughtful and professional. Extremely happy with the service and product. Would definitely recommend to anyone after Solar Panels.

    Renee H - Nov 2019

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