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Why More Australians Are Turning To Solar Power

More Australians are adopting solar power, with more than 2 million households across the country now relying upon this renewable natural resource. As accessibility to solar energy grows, this number continues to increase each year.

Queensland is leading the way in terms of the number of solar-powered households across the country, with four of the top five solar postcodes. It seems that many residents of the Sunshine State are taking advantage of their abundant sunshine and converting it into energy to power their homes.

The benefits of using solar power as opposed to other energy sources are quite powerful. In this article, we’ll share a few of the top reasons why more and more Australians are relying on solar power and how you can learn more about installing your own system. 

Solar Saves You Money

One of the most compelling benefits of solar power systems is the cost savings for homeowners. As energy prices keep increasing and householders face larger power bills a solar system can make large cuts to power bills.

While a solar panel system takes an investment upfront, the long-term advantages are worth considering – it is a home improvement that pays for itself and will keep putting money in your pocket for many years to come.

On average, a typical 6.6kW solar system installed in Sydney or regional New South Wales will produce about 9,300kWh of power per year. The system can pay for itself in under three years and save you over $12,000 in 15 years*. Click here for more details.

It’s Good For The Environment

Another compelling reason to consider solar is for its positive environmental impacts. When you rely on solar power, you’re using a clean, stable and renewable source of energy. Australia has the most solar radiation per square metre of any continent on earth, so why not wield the strength of the sun to power your home?

If you’re interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle, investing in solar energy for your home (or commercial solar at your place of business) is an excellent first step. Solar does not release any greenhouse gasses into the environment and reduces your reliance on other sources of energy that have a harsher impact on Mother Nature.

Solar Adds Value To Your Home

If you’re contemplating selling or renting your home at some point in the future, a solar power system is an added perk for potential buyers. These days, more than 20% of Australian households currently have a solar power system installed. This number continues to grow, so having solar at your home can only have a positive impact.

There are a range of ways that you can utilise solar power at your home, including solar panels, solar batteries and solar hot water systems. No matter which solar option you select, you can rest assured knowing that you will be cutting costs, protecting the environment and adding long-term value to your home.

If you’re interested in learning more about these cutting-edge technologies and how they can save you moneycontact SolarBright for a chat. Our professional staff can work with you to discuss solar options that will work best for your home in Sydney or regional New South Wales.

*These numbers assume you consume 65% of the solar power generated, your power cost is 29c/kWh and feed the balance back to the grid with a feed-in tariff of 10c/kWh.

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