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Creating A Greener Office Enviroment

New studies show that companies adopting energy-efficient practices have more productive employees. They’re 16% more productive than average employees. Adopting energy-efficient practices isn’t just good for the environment, but also for your staff and bottom line. Changes that lead to better energy efficiency and water conservation boost customer comfort and staff efficiency.


Here are the changes that create positive environmental impact while you’re in a highly restricted workplace:

Think Of The Small Things

Keep air vents clear of papers and office supplies, as they consume more energy to pump air through blocked vents. During cold weather, stay away from cold windows and dress in layers so you can adapt to the office temperature.

Replace Your Regular Centralised Air-Conditioning With Solar System

Solar air conditioner absorbs solar heat through an evacuated tube-type solar collector, reducing electricity consumption during peak period. This utilises solar energy to make air-conditioning cycle up to 50% more efficient, conserving electricity at the time when the cooling load requirement is at the highest. This makes it more efficient in saving energy than a regular air conditioner, and results in a more harmonious and sustainable living.

Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle

Recycle everything possible – from empty ink cartridges to batteries. Set up recycling stations throughout your workplace with boxes for aluminium, plastics, and papers. Keep a box of unused papers near the copier or fax machines. Avoid printing emails unless necessary. Use recyclable cups, plates, and utensils when possible.

Bring In Daylight With Commercial Skylights

Commercial skylight systems turn your dark, damp office into a healthy, sun-filled, and welcoming environment. These systems utilise the sun’s power, while blocking the harmful UV rays to provide a pleasant, bright office for your employees. Commercial skylights are great for schools, day care centres, corporate offices, or any dark workplaces.

More businesses have been conserving energy to help protect the Earth. Going green, though, isn’t just being environmentally friendly; it also boosts business productivity. With all these green practices, you can stay waste-free at work and cut environment footprint in half. Contact us for more cost-cutting green practice for workplaces.

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