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Solar Battery Storage

Solar battery storage solutions are a hot topic in solar right now and solar energy storage is seen as the future of home energy and power management. The solar battery simply stores excess power produced by your solar panels so that you can draw on it later.

More customers are installing solar batteries for energy storage to help eradicate power bills, reduce their carbon footprint even further, and to help protect against blackouts or grid outages.

Solar battery prices are coming down and this new generation of batteries are the most cost-effective batteries so far with impressive features such as comprehensive internet, cloud-based monitoring and battery management systems.

SolarBright are solar battery installation experts and offer batteries from the industry leaders – Tesla Powerwall, the modular, expandable Sungrow SBR Series and  LG Chem RESU . If you want to add a solar battery to your existing solar panels, or do a new solar installation with a battery, contact us today for a solar battery price and free solar assessment.

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Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall is the best known of all solar batteries and SolarBright are a Tesla Certified Powerwall Installer. The Powerwall 2 is an AC coupled battery with a capacity of 13.5kWh.


The Triple Power solar battery is a cost effective and robust DC coupled battery available with 4.5 or 6.3kWh capacity. Up to 4 batteries can be attached to a single SolaX inverter, giving an almost plug play ability to expand your total battery storage.

LG Chem RESU Solar Battery Range

The LG Chem RESU solar battery is a proven and compact DC coupled battery available in several capacities from 4.3kWh to 10kWh from one of the world leaders in battery storage.

Sungrow Battery SBR Series

This high performance, smart modular solar battery can expand in 3.2kWh modules from 9.6kWh to a huge 25.6kWh capacity - four of which can be joined for an immense 100kWh capacity.

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    How do solar batteries work?

    As you know solar panels turn sunlight into free electricity. In a solar system without a solar battery any excess electricity produced by the solar panels that you do not consume in your home is exported back to the electricity grid and you receive a feed in tariff.

    When you install a solar battery storage system any excess power not consumed is directed to the solar battery where the power is stored for use at night. Once the battery is full any excess power is then exported to the grid as per normal.

    Why solar batteries?

    Solar power battery storage is the future of home energy and power management. Why are customers are installing solar batteries? There are several good reasons to install a solar battery.

    A solar battery gives you the flexibility to draw on the stored energy at night when your solar panels are not producing electricity. This reduces your dependence on drawing power from the grid and will help significantly reduce your power bills and help avoid electricity bill shock.

    For other customers it is about not relying on electricity from the grid and achieving energy independence.

    Got an existing solar system? It’s easy to add a battery

    Step 1

    Contact Us

    Contact the friendly SolarBright team to organise an obligation free consultation. Please have your electricity bills for the last year available so we can look at your power usage throughout the year and the amount of power you are exporting so we can correctly size the solar battery the system will support.

    We are not a call centre business so you will be respected and not be bombarded with emails and phone calls.

    Step 2

    Site Inspection

    Where possible it’s good to have a site inspection. It would be great if you have the full details of your current solar system available including the inverter make and model. By looking at your current system we can ascertain its suitability to support a solar battery.

    Step 3

    Quote & Proposal

    Your SolarBright consultant will prepare a customised solar battery quote and proposal for you. The proposal will also detail any upgrades (if required) to your existing solar system. Your inverter may need to be replaced by one that can support a solar battery system.

    Proposal Acceptance

    If you are happy with the proposal and choose to go ahead with your solar battery installation all you need is to pay a 10% deposit to get the process underway for your solar battery installation.

    Step 4

    Solar Battery Installation

    The SolarBright team will arrange with you an installation date for one of our battery qualified Clean Energy Council Accredited solar installers to install your battery to meet all the official solar regulations and standards.


    Check out our latest solar battery special offer – $500 off a Tesla and Solar Package.

    Video Testimonials

    Video testimonials from SolarBright customers regarding their solar panel installation and solar battery storage solutions from both residential and commercial solar customers.


      Why is Jurgen so happy? He is a ten year SolarBright customer. He shares his experience with installing a Tesla Powerwall from SolarBright after having previously chosen us for a solar panel installation and solar hot water.


      Rollo wanted a solar power system to cut rising power bills for the family home. He shares his experience in dealing with SolarBright for the installation for 6.6kW solar power system.


      Anthony wanted to cut the power costs for his joinery business and chose a 100kW system from SolarBright. He explains the benefits of solar for business and dealing with SolarBright.

    Solar Battery FAQ

    Got questions about solar battery storage systems or researching a solar battery solution?

    We answer in plain English the most common questions about solar batteries our consultants are asked by our customers.

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