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25 Mar

Skylight Installers

The merits of installing a skylight in your home are numerous. Natural sunlight is healthier, more expressive, and more calming than artificial. However, it is not nearly as common to hear discussion on the benefits of skylights during the wee hours of the night. The impact is not as noticeable, but there are benefits to skylights when the sun goes down, as well.

Moonlight and starlight provides a number of key benefits. Not in the moon-tanning or mystic sense, we’ll leave that realm to itself for the moment, but purely for the psychological element. Moonlight is roughly 500 000 times less intense than sunlight, yet can be strong enough to read or navigate by. There is a profound sense of peace in being bathed in moonlight.

Moon cycles, meanwhile, have been shown to have interesting impacts upon wildlife. Many fish and mammal species focus their feeding and reproductive peaks around full and new moons, a tendency you can set an annual clock to. The moon, and its cycle of wax and wane, does hold some interesting pull over the Earth and its life.

Yep, there is undoubtably something magical about the moonlight.

By engaging our team of skylight installers, you are gaining access to a view that we routinely ignore in the haste of our lives. Give us a call to tap in to this under-appreciated spectacle, with out having to leave the comfort of your own home.

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