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Why Natural Light Is So Important To Our Health, Wellbeing And Pocket!

Adding free sunlight into your home and workspace has been proven to have both psychologically and physiologically benefits. Pure sunlight, rather than electric lighting, provides the full visible spectrum of light, which helps reduce eyestrain and makes colours in our belongings, decor and clothing look their true colour. This can be particularly important in retail environments where you are trying to make your goods look as attractive as possible, and at home where you want your carefully selected furniture and decor to look exactly as it did in the store or magazines.

Many people initially are concerned about harmful UV rays doing damage to their interior, but today the majority of quality skylight manufacturers ensure their domes or glazing are UV resistant and this simple is not a problem anymore. Yet the rays allowed into your indoor space still help indoor plants thrive. But our plants aren’t the only ones that benefit healthwise.

Daylight has been proven to significantly impact on productivity and health. Our eyes and brains simply function better when working, or relaxing in natural light versus artificial lighting and Vitamin D, gained from mainly from exposure to sunlight, is an essential mineral, as this vitamin has numerous benefits to our health. From a more practical standpoint, natural light also reduces the amount of mildew and mold growth inside, keeping the air in our homes and work spaces healthier, more breathable and reducing the risk of asthma and other breathing conditions.

Ultimately healthier and happier staff all equate to a more productive workforce, less prone to sickness leading to a reduced number of sick days staff are likely to take. And of course happier, healthier families live richer, fuller lives, every day.

Aside from all above advantages, Natural light is FREE and living in a country like Australia, we benefit from so many days filled with sunshine than others, so installing skylights can significantly reduce your electricity bills, because there is simply no reason to turn the lights on from dawn to dusk any more.

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