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The Health Benefits Of Natural Sunlight: Pt. II

The Health Benefits Of Natural Sunlight: Pt. II

In Part One, we discussed the nature of a solar exposure deficiency among modern urbanites, and its relation to mental health, specifically, in its ability to release endorphins and aid with mental alertness. But is that all that we gain with daily exposure to the sunlight you’re exposed to through your new solar tube or skylight?

Vitamin D

Absorbed through your skin (and diet), this vitamin is actually closer to a hormone. It is biologically inactive until it is processed by your liver and kidneys. Once activated, however, it plays a vital role in bone and dental health due to its ability to aid in the absorption of calcium, strengthening your skeletal structure and the enamel on your teeth. It plays a key role in several immune qualities, as well: as counter-intuitive as it may sound, exposure to sunlight boosts the same immune function which works against the expression of cancer cells. A recent study has also suggested the hormone reduces the risk of multiple sclerosis.


Finally, the hormone itself has been repeatedly linked to higher levels of estrogen in women and testosterone in men. Levels of the latter have plummeted in the last fifty years or so, due to a variety of causes. Solar power could well be the answer to a weakening sex drive.


Considering these benefits, it is notable that recent studies have suggested that globally, fifty percent of adults are Vitamin D deficient. This has grown beyond mere vanity – it is becoming a public health issue. At Solar Bright , our solar tubes, dome skylights, and roof skylights can help you to attain healthy exposure, right in your own home. In Part III, we will discuss further the health benefits of healthy exposure.

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