Skylights Take Off In Sydney

The architectural crowds, competing for space in Sydney’s red-hot housing and urban design industries, are often used as a litmus test for what is trending with new home builders today. They are sensitive to the needs and demands of their clients, and they need to be, to reach such a position as theirs as the gatekeeper of new housing trends.

Lately, the trend has been defined quite clearly: new home builders in Sydney these days are going wild over skylights. Natural light, soft and seasonally-aware, has been given a notable vote of confidence by designers of late, and has been invited into the majority of new homes in this fine city.

Perhaps the health effects, or the pleasure of the soft quality of the lighting has convinced new builders to incorporate these skylights. Regardless of the incentive, skylights in Sydney have become intertwined with the current age, and this affiliation has bred some very interesting designs. Some Skylights, otherwise known as tube skylights, or sun tubes, even provide architects with the ability to channel light far below the roofline, bringing natural light pouring into subterranean levels or the lower levels of homes that otherwise couldn’t benefit from a traditional skylight. This, in particular, has introduced this trend to a wide audience of avant-garde home designers, intent on making a new and creative use of it.

And why not? The usage of skylights runs far back in to the annals of architecture. Monasteries in Europe, hundreds of years old, feature ‘light cannons’ in their ceilings, intended to allow light in and illuminate the residents. Luckily for a city as blessed with natural light as Sydney, these lessons were not lost back in medieval times.

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