MaxLED Solar Skylights: Illuminating Alternative Skylight Solutions with Solar-Powered LED Technology

Have you considered installing a skylight, but regular and tubular designs aren’t structurally suitable for your home? You’re in luck because there is now a terrific solution that anybody can easily install. MaxLED Solar Skylights are an effective lighting solution completely powered by solar energy. So, not only do you get the light you need, but you also won’t use any power to keep them running.

What are MaxLED Solar Skylights?

MaxLED Solar Skylights are an innovative way to light your internal living spaces without the use of electricity. Unlike standard skylights that allow natural light to filter through your roof, MaxLED solar skylights include a powerful LED light entirely powered by the sun.

The MaxLED Solar Skylight is available in two different models:

  • The standard model features a solar panel, a diffuser kit with LED lights and an optional remote control and movement sensor.
  • The MaxLED24 model, also known as the Day and Night model, includes all the features of the standard and also a solar battery.

The MaxLED24 model allows your solar panels to power the light and charge the battery during the day. At night it is powered by the battery leaving you with free lighting in the evening.

Let’s take a look at just some of the reasons people love this innovative skylight technology.

Easy DIY installation

While you’ll need to have a few DIY tricks up your sleeve, MaxLED solar skylights are quite easy to install. You need to mount the solar panel on your roof and run the cable down to your roof cavity. From there, you need to cut a hole in the ceiling for your diffuser, which connects to the cable you’ve just hung.

There are minor complexities to deal with if you choose a motion sensor or remote control addition and again if you add the extra accessory that connects to mains power as a backup. But on the whole, anybody with a few tools and who is familiar with DIY can install the MaxLED with little difficulty.

No Power Costs

The great thing about solar energy is the fact that you don’t pay a cent for electricity. The MaxLED’s solar panels collect solar energy from the sun’s rays and use it to power the LED lights in your diffuser. So, unlike traditional lights that use household electricity, aside from the initial purchase, the MaxLED won’t cost you anything.

It’s important to note that solar energy only works as it is collected. So, if you want to use your MaxLED at night or when the sun isn’t shining, you’ll need the MaxLED24 model that includes a solar battery. That way, you can run it any time of day or night without electricity.

Motion Sensor

The MaxLED Solar Skylight also comes with a motion sensor for extra functionality. It automatically turns the lights on when you enter the room, and after 10 minutes of no movement, they’ll turn off. Even if your power is free, there’s no point leaving the lights on when you’re not there!

Backup Power In An Outage

Few things are more frustrating than a power outage at home, especially in the evening. Fumbling around the house looking for torches or candles is never fun, and in some cases, it can be a dangerous situation. With the MaxLED Solar Skylight, you don’t have to worry about being without light, even during an outage.

As long as you have the MaxLED24 model with solar battery storage, you’ll be able to turn the light on at any time, whether you have electricity or not.

Suitable for All Roof Types

Regular skylights and tubular versions are a little more difficult to install. In fact, some roof types can’t even accommodate these styles because there’s not enough room for the reflective tube or other obstacles preventing installation. Fortunately, the only thing you need space for between the roof and ceiling is your cable connecting the solar panels to the diffuser.

As such, skylight installation is easy with the MaxLED Solar Skylight. No matter what your roof type, the MaxLED gives you the light you need.

Want to Try MaxLED Solar LED skylights for Yourself?

SolarBright is your one-stop shop for the very best skylights in the market. Solar skylights are a cost-effective option and extremely easy for anybody to install. So, if you’d like to save money and access free light at any time of night or day, contact SolarBright today.

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How Tubular Skylights Work

When considering skylights for your home, it’s great to understand how tubular skylights work. Many homes have dark areas or rooms that need more light. Tubular skylights are a very straightforward and efficient way to bring natural light into the dark areas of a home. The simplicity of their design makes them very cost effective and a skylight solution worth exploring.

How Tubular Skylights Work

Tubular skylights are designed to bring natural light into a building. Here’s how the main components of a tubular skylight work together to deliver light:

  1. Capture: The process starts on the roof, where a clear dome captures sunlight. This dome is designed to collect and channel sunlight into the tube even during low-light conditions or winter.
  2. Transfer: The light captured in the dome then travels down through a highly reflective tube. This material minimises light loss over distance, allowing the light to efficiently travel over long distances and even through twists and turns. The reflective surface ensures that as much light as possible is reflected down the tube instead of being absorbed or dispersed.
  3. Diffuse: At the end of the tube, inside the building, a ceiling diffuser, or lens, is installed on the ceiling. This distributes light evenly throughout the room. It mimics natural light, reducing glare and hot spots that are common with traditional skylights.

Tubular Skylights – Key Components

Let’s take a more detailed look at the components in a MaxLight skylight from SolarBright to further understand how tubular skylights work. MaxLights are a leading tubular skylight product with an industry best warranty and cutting-edge technology.

Skylight Dome

The MaxLight skylight features a specially designed and engineered Ray Catcher dome. It captures light, even when the sun is at low angles and has a hail resistant shape, making it the optimum in light capturing technology. The crystal-clear surface is designed to capture maximum sunlight, even in low light conditions.

Leakproof Roof Flashing

Designed to suit most Australian roof types, the flashing injection moulded. It is engineered with a pitch to achieve maximum leakproof performance. The dome is attached to this flashing.

Metal Skylight Tube

Many popular tubular skylights use a metal tube laminated inside with a reflective plastic coating. With exposure to UV light it tends deteriorate, delaminate, and deliver less light. However, the best tubular skylights on the market, like the MaxLight has a highly reflective anodised aluminium tube. This ensures it transmits pure white light and it won’t yellow, crack or peel after prolonged UV exposure. Further more it has a 20-year warranty, as opposed to 10-year warranty on other tubes.

Ceiling Diffuser

Diffusers are essential for spreading light effectively around the room. The key here they should do so without letting in excess heat. Many tubular skylights only have a single lens diffuser that is not only less effective at diffusing light but also lets in heat. The MaxLight has a triple lens diffuser that maximises light while minimising heat entering the room. The MaxLight also offers several different types of ceiling diffusers to help better suit your specific needs.

MaxLight Tubular Skylights – the Smart Choice

Due to their design and the unique way how tubular skylights work they deliver many advatages. MaxLight tubular skylights are a hassle free, economical, and environmentally friendly solution for adding light a new or existing home.

The advantages of tubular skylights include:

  • Eliminate dark areas in your home, letting in pure natural light.
  • Quickly and economically installed in just hours, not days.
  • Can be installed without structural changes to the house.
  • The use of leakproof flashings eliminates risk of roof leaks.
  • They let in light, not heat.
  • Covered with a 20-year warranty.
  • Designed and made in Australia.

Exploring how tubular skylights work demonstrates their engineered components make them extremely energy efficient. They can be installed in virtually any part of a home, office, or workplace, to enhance natural light without letting in heat. Besides reducing electricity usage, tubular skylights improve occupants’ well-being by providing more natural light in the indoor environment.

For more information on how tubular skylights work or any of our MaxLight tubular skylights call SolarBright.  Chat to one of our skylight specialist consultants or book a free skylight consultation.

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Could Your Business Benefit from Skylights? 5 Reasons to Consider

How often do you sit back and think about the lighting situation in your workplace? As a business owner, it’s your job to ensure a safe and productive working environment for all employees. One of the ways to help achieve that is by installing skylights – An increase in natural light is a good thing for everybody.

The Benefits of Skylights in Commercial Buildings

So, why exactly should you install skylights at your business? You might be surprised to know that skylights deliver huge benefits that go far beyond cutting down your electricity bills.

Increased Productivity

Every business in the world aims to achieve high levels of productivity from its staff members. That’s perfectly normal, but it takes a lot of different things to build a highly productive, efficient and happy workforce. One of those things is the physical environment people work in.

Productivity increases when staff are happy and engaged, and that’s hard to do in an environment with dim light or too much artificial light. Natural light, on the other hand, promotes better concentration, vitality and even better sleep (which we’ll get to later).

Combining all of these things, you get a workplace where people are more alert, more interested in what they’re doing, and is overall a much healthier place to be. When productivity increases, so do profits – and that’s always a good thing for businesses.

Better for Employee Health

The effect of natural light on the human body is undisputed. For a moment, let’s just consider some of the impacts that spending long amounts of time in artificial light has on the body. Often, we see an increase in headaches, eye strain, low mood, drowsiness and poor concentration.

The human body simply responds better to natural light and, therefore, you’ll find that staff report fewer instances of the above conditions when provided with natural light. Employee health directly affects productivity, whether it’s reducing sick leave or boosting happiness.

Sleep Benefits

You might be wondering what sleep has to do with your business. Obviously, you don’t want your people nodding off on the job! However, the National Sleep Foundation in the US conducted research across 5 buildings and 109 participants to test the correlation between light during the day and sleep during the night.

The study found that people exposed to high levels of circadian-effective light during the day experienced better sleep quality. This is because our circadian rhythm (commonly known as our body clock) relies on certain types of light to function effectively throughout the day and night.

So, installing skylights and providing employees with natural light can help them sleep better at night and be happier, healthier and more productive during the day.

Reduction of Energy Costs

Every business wants to save money, especially when it’s on overheads such as electricity bills. Natural skylights can either completely negate or significantly reduce your reliance on other forms of business lighting.

For example, when high levels of natural light are present in the main business area, you may not even require artificial lighting at all. If the natural light isn’t quite enough, you can install fewer lights than normal and still have optimal working conditions.

Improved employee engagement

It’s a simple fact that people who work in a visually appealing environment are more likely to be happy going to work each day. Happy staff means better productivity, less staff turnover and a decrease in recruitment costs.

Adding natural light to your office space makes people feel better, experience fewer health problems and generally enjoy their time at work a lot more. That should be a goal for every business owner!

Are You Considering Skylights for Your Business?

If you’d like to speak to a team of experts regarding skylights installation for your business, we’d love to hear from you. SolarBright is proud to be your local supplier and installer of MaxLight® commercial daylighting solutions. There are two different versions available:

  • K-550ML/O – Used for open ceilings
  • K-DL550/C – Used for closed ceilings

No matter what type of business you run, from offices and retail stores to warehouses and factories, we can design and install a skylight solution that suits your needs. Contact the friendly team at SolarBright today and find out how we can transform your commercial business space!

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