The MySolarEdge App Revolutionising The Future Of Home Solar

If you’ve ever tried to analyse your power bill, it isn’t easy to determine how your usage affects the overall cost. Most homeowners can identify the difference between hot water usage and general electricity, but the bills don’t break down much further.

Solar energy can be similarly confusing unless you have a quality monitoring app at your disposal – mySolarEdge is changing the way we use solar.

What Is MySolarEdge?

The mySolarEdge app allows users to easily track and manage the performance of their SolarEdge solar system. You get valuable, easy-to-read, real-time data on not just their solar energy consumption, but also production from solar panels.

Linked to your SolarEdge inverter the app lets you see what really happens with power consumption in your home. Plus, you’ll also be able to see how your system is performing in any weather condition. Because it’s remote, you don’t even need to be home to monitor your household’s energy.

The MySolarEdge App Revolutionising The Future Of Home Solar

If you install a SolarEdge Energy Bank solar battery you can monitor the battery as well. The battery can be configured to provide backup power with the addition of the backup unit. This allows the battery to provide power to the home in a blackout. The home backup is also controlled through the mySolarEdge app.

To monitor energy consumption in the home you will need to make sure that a SolarEdge energy meter and CT unit is installed.

Real-Time Visibility Of Energy Production

One of the best features of the mySolarEdge app is being able to watch your energy production in real-time. You’ll be able to see what times of day your system produces the most energy, giving you an incredible advantage. Once you know when your system generates the most power, you can start scheduling appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers to operate during those key periods.

Monitor Your Usage

You can also track your power usage with the app in real-time. You can see your self consumption – that’s when you are using power produced by the panels. You cab also see the power you are consuming from the electricity grid.

For this to happen you need to have an energy meter connected. We recommend this to all customers who are considering installing a SolarEdge system.

Tracking energy is particularly valuable during high consumption periods, offering a real idea of which appliances cost you the most money. If you know you’ve set the washing machine to run during a certain time, simply check the app and see how much your consumption increases as a result. With this information, you can get smarter (and more sustainable) about the way you use energy.

We’ve all been guilty of leaving the lights on while out. But now, thanks to mySolarEdge, you’ll be able to see just how much impact that has on your daily energy consumption.

When it comes to saving energy in the home, knowledge is certainly power, and that’s what the mySolarEdge app delivers.You get real time insight to help lower you power bills and know when its time to expand you system if needed.

Charts To Make Analysis Easy

The mySolarEdge app delivers easy-to-read charts, making analysis easy. You don’t need to watch everything in real-time if you don’t want to, because that’s impossible. Simply check your daily, weekly or monthly reports to find out when you use more power and when your system produces more energy. The charts are extremely user-friendly, so anybody can learn more about their household energy production and consumption.

Control Smart Home Devices

Televisions, fridges, washing machines…the list goes on. Almost every home appliance is available in a ‘smart’ version these days. Essentially that means they’re connected via WiFi, allowing users to control them remotely.

Let’s say you’ve gone to work and you know the dishwasher is fully loaded. You can now use the mySolar Edge app to identify a big difference between production and consumption during the day, and start your dishwasher remotely. You can also remotely control lights and other appliances that are needlessly drawing power while you’re not home.

Maximise Your Savings With MySolarEdge

Ultimately, the mySolarEdge app is all about maximising the potential of your SolarEdge solar system. From controlling smart devices and saving power to identifying peak periods of production, there are countless ways for families to save money. If free energy from the sun wasn’t already good enough, you can now also make that energy go further.

By spreading power-hungry appliance usage throughout the day, or focusing on peak energy production periods, you can decrease your reliance on the main grid even further. mySolarEdge is changing the way families monitor and manage energy consumption, reducing costs along the way.

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