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06 Apr

Skylight Installation: DIY Versus Professionals


As electricity prices continue to rise, it can put a strain of the household budget for Australian families and businesses. Fortunately, we have now realised that natural sunlight is not only beneficial to our health, but is a natural alternative to electricity and far more environmentally friendly.



Nowadays, more and more families and businesses are seeing and reaping the benefits of skylights, as they are easy to install and will help save you on electricity bills. If you are serious about installing a skylight for your home or business, you are probably thinking if you could do it yourself or get a professional to do it?


DIY Skylight Installation

If you are the hands on type of person and love doing home repairs and installations, a SolarBright Skylight is an easy do-it-yourself job that requires only the basics in DIY skills and with basic tools for the job. You can always install your new skylight yourself. Skylight installation will take a few hours to install if you are installing yourself, and there is no greater feeling than seeing the end result of your handy work.


Professional Skylight Installation

Finding the right skylight installer will not only save you the headache of having to do it yourself, but the job can be finished within 2 hours depending on how big your new skylight is. As you know, with any home renovations, there is always going to be mess, and skylight installation is no different. Luckily for you though, a SolarBright installer not only takes pride in their work, but the only thing you will see is your brand new skylight once it has been installed. SolarBright has a number of certified dealers that will happily fulfil all your skylight installation requirements.

Whether you are looking to install a skylight in your home of office, SolarBright has skylights that will see your next electricity bill drop.

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