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How to Reduce Your Power Usage – and Your Bill – at Night

Solar energy is a great way to save money and slash your power bill. However, most residential solar systems without solar battery storage only power your home during daylight hours. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce your energy usage at night and save even more.
Explaining on-grid solar systems
Most solar installed in Australia is “on-grid” solar. When you have an on-grid solar power system, you are still connected to the main electricity grid. Solar energy produced from your panels needs to be used immediately, as your inverter converts it to standard electricity. If you produce more than you use, …

A Look at Solar Finance

Solar Finance can be a good idea. The reason is the currently there is a Federal Government rebate helping with the solar purchase. These are called STC’s – Small Technology Certificates. This rebate reduces every year by around 7%. Currently in 2021 with a 6.6kW residential solar system consumers will get just over $3,300 in support.

So if you have not got the cash for solar today, and wait for example three years, you could have lost close to $1000 in rebate support.  Solar with finance, given the current low-interest environment, can still give you great savings….

How Will Rain, Wind and Other Weather Conditions Affect My Solar Panels?

Australia is blessed with a fairly temperate climate all year round. That’s what makes it such a great place to take advantage of residential solar panel installations. However, there are still conditions such as wind, rain and extreme heat that can have an impact on solar panel performance. Here’s what you need to know.
What are the best conditions for solar panels?
Unsurprisingly, most people get the most benefit from their solar panels during summer. When the skies are clear of clouds and the sun is shining, most solar systems will work to their peak capacity. The best time of day …

Everything you need to know about MaxLight skylights: benefits, options and how to choose

If you’ve decided to choose MaxLight skylights for your home, then congratulations! The decision is inarguably an extremely smart choice, and you are installing some of the most technologically advanced skylights on the market. However, with several options to choose from, it’s not always easy to know which type of MaxLight skylight you should use in the different parts of your home.

This handy guide will help you make the right choice to maximise natural light flowing into your home, reduce your energy bills and keep the heat outside – where it belongs.
The key benefits of MaxLight skylights
Before we discuss …

How Does the Weather Affect the Efficiency of My Solar Panels?

It is obviously no secret that solar energy systems rely on sunlight to do their best work. However, many people wonder whether solar panels can still work in cloudy or less optimal conditions. We’re quite lucky in Australia to have good weather all year round, however, the amount of sunlight certainly fluctuates.

Let’s look at how your solar systems perform under different conditions.
The best conditions
Naturally, bright sunlight at the height of summer is the best time to for maximum power output from your solar system. The days are longer during summer, so the number of hours per day that are considered …

The mySolarEdge App Revolutionising the Future of Home Solar

If you’ve ever tried to analyse your power bill, it isn’t easy to determine how your usage affects the overall cost. Most homeowners can identify the difference between hot water usage and general electricity, but the bills don’t break down much further.

Solar energy can be similarly confusing unless you have a quality monitoring app at your disposal – mySolarEdge is changing the way we use solar.
What is mySolarEdge?
The mySolarEdge app allows users to easily track and manage the performance of their SolarEdge solar system. You get valuable, easy-to-read, real-time data on not just their solar energy …

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