Premium 6.6kW Solar System Now Just $3,888*

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Fight Surging Power Prices

Backed With Australian Warranties.

Smash your power bills with this limited special offer from SolarBright on this superior solar system. The powerful 440-Watt Max Power Maximus panels feature premium N-Type cells, dual glass, bifacial technology and are built tough to last in harsh Australian conditions.

With bifacial N-Type cells they suffer less performance degradation over the life of the panel and offer improved efficiency giving you increased savings over the life of the system.

Max Power is an Australian solar company. For peace of mind the panels are backed with extensive Aussie 30-year product and 30-year performance warranties.

Since 2008 SolarBright has helped over 15,000 families and businesses across NSW save thousands off their power bills. Act now and protect yourself from surging power prices.

MaxLight Skylights Free Installation

Brighten Your Home with Australian Made MaxLight Tubular Skylights.

If you live within a 30K radius of Prestons act now and take advantage of this free skylights installation offer and brighten your home.

A top quality MaxLight skylight can easily and economically add pure, natural light to your home or business.

The skylight features a specially designed and engineered dome to capture the most sunlight possible. This light is reflected down a highly mirrored metal tube and into the room through a triple lens diffuser. The diffusor ensures an even spread of natural light while keeping out the heat.

Our team can easily and quickly install a MaxLight skylight into your home in a couple of hours for free.

$500 off Tesla & Solar Package

Gain Energy Independence With a Tesla Powerwall & Solar Package

Powerwall is a home solar battery system that allows you to turn solar panels into an all-day power resource for your home or business giving you energy independence and offering backup in the event of a blackout.

If you are considering a new solar system with a Tesla battery then contact us today for an obligation free solar and battery assessment. We assess your energy consumption, power usage patterns, and design the appropriately sized solar system with a Tesla battery and offer you $500 off the cost of the package.

A Powerwall coupled with the right size solar system can power your home 24 hours a day. As a NETCC Approved Seller and Tesla Certified Power Installer with over 15,000 installs since 2008, SolarBright can can offer the correct solar and Powerwall package to suit your exact needs.

MaxBreeze Solar Roof Ventilator-Second Installed FREE*

Help Cool Your Home with MaxBreeze Solar Powered Roof Ventilators

Buy 2 MaxBreezes for your home and we will install the 2nd unit FREE.

The Australian designed MaxBreeze solar roof fan from SolarBright, is the ideal roof ventilation system too help cool your home.

On hot days your roof cavity can heat up to 65°C. This heat penetrates though the ceiling and into the rooms of your home.

The smart, thermostat controlled MaxBreeze automatically turns on when the cavity reached about 25°C.

With a brushless DC motor the MaxBreeze works quietly and efficiently all day removing the hot air from your roof.

This helps cool your home on hot, sunny days reducing the load on air-con.

MaxLight Skylight Promotion

Buy 2 or More MaxLights and Get a Free MaxBeam24*

The MaxLight is the leading Australian made tubular skylight from SolarBright skylight.

Buy 2 or more MaxLights and receive a free MaxBeam24.

The innovative, smart MaxBeam24 LED is fitted to a MaxLight skylight to deliver light at night, on cloudy days or during power outages.

This turns the MaxLight into a complete day and night lighting solution.

The MaxBeam24 gives incredible flexibility to customers wanting a skylight solution that lets in sunshine during the day and can light up the room at night.

Max Power Solar Maximus MPS440NBB Panel

Massive 440 Watt Panel With  30-Year Australian Warranties
Premium Technology – N-Type Cells, Dual Glass, Bifacial

The sleek, black Max Power MPS440NBB 440W Maximus Solar Panel delivers premium panel features without the premium solar panel price tag.

Superior N-Type cells, dual glass, bifacial technology and  leading Australian 30-year warranties set the Max Power Maximus apart from the competition.

All of this is packed into a standard sized panel for maximum power density on your roof.

The latest technology in the Max Power Maximus 440W panel delivers superior performance with an exceptional efficiency of 22.53%. Backed with leading all Australian warranties, these panels are are built tough for the harsh Australian environment. They are a smart investment for Aussie families and businesses.